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  • Wednesday 3, Oct 2012 - 6PM to 9PM
    • Collexion Meetup & Open House/Hack @ The Collexion Hackerspace (109 E. Loudon Ave. Lexington, KY 40505)
    • Come hack and chat about rad new stuff. Everyone's invited. Bring a friend/laptop.
  • Friday 5, Oct 2011 - 1PM
    • "Collexion + Friends" Lunch Meetup @ a great local restaurant. Stay tuned to the Collexion email list for details.
    • Hang out with the dudes and dudettes of Collexion for lunch. Bring your friends!
  • Friday 12, Oct 2011 - 5PM to 11PM
    • CivicRush Launch Party @ 5/3 Pavillion in Downtown Lexington.
    • Help us celebrate the launch of CivicRush, a web-based platform that connects users to causes and organizations. The Happy Hour reception will go from 5-8 featuring massage chairs, good company and the unveiling of the the CivicRush Cocktail. The bands will start at 8: Oh My Me, Nemo Achida, The Matt Duncan Band
    • Full disclosure: some of work at this company. but just because we'll be there doesn't mean you can't still have a good time.


  • Have you donated to Collexion lately? Do it online! Help make Collexion happen!:
  • Want to get non-stop geek action all day? Drop in to the Collexion IRC channel. irc://
  • Would you like to lead your very own workshop? Teach us about your cool thing you know how to do! Email me for info on how to get started.



Have an announcement, event, idea, short story, comic, fan fiction, or hack to submit for the next newsletter? Email