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Let's not build a fiery death trap

To start with, let's review how insulation works and what our goals are in this project. Insulation is basically just holding trapped air, which complicates heat transfer. We want an insulation that will be good to hold air but will still allow air to move around during expansion and contraction. We also want insulation that will be both effective and safe, so taping large amounts of shredded newspaper to the wall meets our goal of effective insulation at a cheap price, but would also provide an epic opportunity to turn our shop into a chimney starter - just bring marshmallows! Also, if we are going to invest money and time, we may as well at least do something of medium value rather than invest the time and have to keep doing it over and over again.


  • Drop ceiling
  • Drop ceiling plus blown-in insulation or backing insulation
  • Fiberglass insulation with backing and fireproofing
  • Laminate for windows (strengthens and returns UV, infrared rays)
  • Urethane spray foam
  • Others?


  • List some electric options here
  • Let's not do gas or fuel, as we do use solvents and like to play with welding
  • Wood burning could be OK as well, but it takes a while and there is still open flame